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Monday, August 22, 2011

Challenging Times for the Disability !community

I've been thinking about the political landscape lately and it seems that the debt ceiling fallout and the consequent growing influence of rigid conservatives espousing extremist believes with Biblical overtones like Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin and their more secular sympathizers and Ayn Rand acolytes like Paul Ryan, Ron Paul and his son Rand Paul, make for challenging times for the disability community. These extremists, using the debt ceiling agreement hammered between the Obama administration and the Republican-controlled House, as political cover,threatens to cut back or eliminate government entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicaid/Medicare, EEOC, and other supports based on Keynesian economic principles. In addition, the very guiding vision of the Americans with Disabilities Act might be stripped of enforcement powers, rendering it a defanged paper lion when needed most. All these emerging trends which would become actuality should the conservative elements gain more influence in the coming elections in 2012, would eliminate fundamental protections that enhance the productivity of the disability community and further devalue it's members. It's a sobering scenario to contemplate nd for that reason the disability community and the country for that matter are at the crossroads with extremely high stakes hanging in the balance as never before.

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  1. I need to address you use of the term "Entitlement Programs" to include All Social Security programs, Medicare and EEEOC..SSI, Medicaid and Public Assistance are Entitlement Programs..Social Security Retirement, Social Security Disability and Medicare are programs that require a person to have a Work History where they have Paid Into these programs...They are not welfare programs or "entitlement programs" I'm not sure how you put the EEEOC in with these programs either...Republicans Love to use the term "Entitlement Programs" as a Blanket Term for All social programs. This is WRONG. There is a clear distinction between programs. In any case, Any Republican't running in 2012 who uses this as part of their campaign platform will be Very Unpopular across the board in this economic climate.